And the Winner of Vivian Blu's Promo Model Competition is.....


The Vivian Blu Promo Model Competition is a plus size fashion platform used to promote body positivity. This competition will be centered around social media, with live modeling experience attributes.

The winner of the competition will win $350.00, be able to create a three piece line and a 3 month modeling contract with The competition is exclusively available to women 1X - 12X in Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, Colorado and Texas.

Models will compete weekly for votes, sales, likes and content views through photoshoots. Each portion of the of the competition will be broken down into weekly goals. Prizes are given out weekly including portfolio builder and content shoots. Prizes include Michael Kors purses, Betsy Johnson bags and much more. The winner of the competition will be chosen based on:

I. Votes weighted at %60

II. Content Views weighted at %20

III. Likes weighted at %20


"You just have to find that thing that's special about you that distinguishes you from all the others, and through true talent, hard work, and passion, anything can happen."

- Dr. Dre

 This model has been dedicated to her growth as a plus size model and brand. She is graceful and giving. We are so proud to announce...

The Winner of the PMC2k20 is Marachino.


677 Votes| 686 Views |219 Likes



 We have a few honorable mentions. This competition would be nothing without patience time and effort of the following models.


Romekia Brown with: 629 Votes| 1,826 Views | 526 Likes


Followed by Ciani Cruz with:  281 Votes| 398 Views | 111 Likes


Cece Lee with: 211 Votes| 693 Views | 132 Likes


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