How to Insta with Vivianblu

So I attended this super awesome class that organizes Instagram into a marketing machine.

A little information about the consultant...

Hilary Rushford a Musical theatre dancer, turned fashion stylist.

[She advises] "A few years into my business folks started asking how I was growing my Instagram following. I’d gone from 5K to 10K in 5 months, so I created a little 1-hour class called “Instagram with Intention” to teach what I was doing. I talked for 3 hours [I had so much to share!] and pretty quickly folks started to report back that their followings, and more importantly their businesses, were growing too! Instagram has opened more doors for me than any other platform, while creating my most intimate community and making me tens of thousands in revenue"

This class is awesome and I wanted to share the information with you.


The answers to each of the questions lay directly above the blanks.

I want each model to learn and use as much information from the class as as possible.

Click HERE to view and download the Study Guide

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Side note she is a super great sales person. Do not get caught up in the hype. I want you all to learn as much as possible without having to invest much.



Change the website link on one of your Instagram to your model vote page

All models are required to put #ad and #vivanblu on all posted content made for 

If a model does not put #ad on content that is then challenged by a legal entity that model will be legally responsible for any and all costs of litigation.