Monthly Prize Schedule

All of this work for nothing! 

YEAH RIGHT... lol :P

Weekly and bi-weekly prizes are given out weekly to qualifying participants.

Through there should be consistent consistent self contained promotions by each model we will help break up the work load by making it fun.

Here are some prize examples

High Ticket Items include: Luggage Sets and Purses

Mid Ticket Items include:  Luxury Scents, designer sunglasses

Low tickets items include: designer lunch bags, cookware, book bags

The prize schedule is as follows:

Week 1 & 2              Most Sales                            High Ticket Item

Week 3                    Most liked Content                 Mid Ticket Item

Week 4                    Most Votes                             Low Ticket item


Prizes are mailed out on the 30th of each month. Winners must take a picture with the prize and post it on their social media account(s).