Okay so you've gotten this far.


Now here comes what I think the is best part of the competition. Da Money!!!

This is where content creation becomes super important.

You are enticing the consumer to buy our clothing with your product reviews.


Once you record your 30 second product review video (we will go into that later)

You email it to

The video will be edited and added to our IGTV station.

Sale Resources

Models are also given coupon codes to help with sales and client issues.

Models receive

one buy one get one free promo code

one free thigh highs promo code

one 20% off coupon code

one %30 off coupon code

one %40 off promo code

one %70 promo code for MODELS only (TRY ME THIS SHIT IS EXPENSIVE)

For each sale the model makes she receives %15 commission.

I want to make clear that the %15 is counted after is after shipping and taxes.

Models are paid on the 30th of every month via cashapp