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     I'm a mother of 5. I've been wanting to do plus size model since [I] was 27. This [competition will] be amazing for me. It will be one of my goals that I have accomplished in life.
I feel like I should win cuz I'm standing up for all the plus size women to let them know it is okay to express who you are inside and out.
I'm Angela, I'm a aspiring full figured runway and published model.
I'm also the Brand Ambassador for Glamglosskiss.
     I would to be in this competition because as a teen I wanted to be a model however back then I was small enough but not tall enough. I want to show the world that all women are beautiful and we all deserve the same opportunities in any industry we choose to be a part of. I would like to win like size and height have barriers so has age. I would like to represent the mature woman over 50. Sexiness doesn't stop it just gets better as you age. I represent the sexy 50 and over cougars if [I] win.



Special Skill

      I'm a advocate against childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. My goal is to have a safe place for young women who have been subjected to sexual abuse as well as domestic violence and those dealing with substance abuse and pregnant. I also plan to begin private practice for counseling and Doula services to assist laboring mother's to have safe drug free births. 


Follow me @YemojaWaterGoddess : who is the Yoruba Orisha of the Sea she is the giver of life.