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 I am Jaimie , I am a Taurus, born in the month of May.


In my spare time I like to design clothes, watch movies, and I obsessed with just collecting and experimenting with makeup and different hair products.

I currently work In the Healthcare Field, Even though I have a Bachelors Degree in Health Science I have always had a eye on fashion and modeling. I eventually would like to establish my own clothing store one day, and share my designs. I always been insecure with whether it be anywhere from my legs , butt , or my gap between my teeth, but lately I have learned to love every single part of me, I feel like it gives me character and makes me who I am.

I feel that I should win because I always strive to being the best me and I feel that with this company and the people I meet it will allow me to progress a better clientele., and also get me out of my shyness and comfort zone. I think that I also can collaborate and show who I really am whether it be through pictures, videos, designs, modeling, I feel like I can show everyone a side of myself that no one has seen before. I also want to motivate other girls as well going through insecurities to just love who they are and be confident in all circumstances. 

Hobbies: collecting and experimenting with makeup and different hair products.

Special Skill: Clothing Design

Sign: Taurus



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