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Hi, I'm Mara Chino! I'm a 33 year old mother of two beautiful children. I've been a plus size pinup and lingerie model for about 7 years. I've walked several runways and been published in a few magazines. Also, I co-produce and perform with Level Up Variety Hour, a burlesque and comedy show. I've been performing burlesque for about a year and a half. My goal is to spread the message of body positivity and confidence! Everybody deserves to be sexy and beautiful in their own way. I've long dealt with issues with self image, but through modelling and burlesque have found myself looking at myself in a different light. 

Vivian Blu is a wonderful line for all the beautiful full-figured gals who don't get paid attention to by 'normal' designers. Comfortable, but sexy... because everyone deserves to feel sexy whenever they want to.

Birth sign: Aries

Special Talent: Costume design

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