PMC 2K21

PMC 2K21

Let's work together to build a brand that represents all of us. Open to all body types, The PMC 2K21 is a modeling competition produced by Vivian Blu to create a behind the lens transitional approach of the fashion industry while simultaneously promoting body positivity. With a focus on building content, Models compete for votes to participate in FREE FULLY INCLUSIVE PHOTO SHOOTS. The model with with most votes, view and likes wins. Models learn how to pose, how create sales, how to speak to your audience, how to interview and build a portfolio. No experience is necessary. The winner of the competition will win $350.00, be able to create a three piece line and a 3 month modeling contract with The competition is available to women M - 5X in Arizona. Models will compete biweekly for votes, likes and promotional content views. Authentically Sexy, Unapologetically You Only at


Authentically Sexy, Unapologetically You.

It's interesting to think that the cloth that covers your skin can have such a profound impact on the soul. We believe that sensuality is body inclusive. 


Constantly evolving, our locally manufactured body architecture is custom made-to-order just for you.

"I mean, we can throw shapes together. But it doesn't mean you're in my circle"